A Visual Guide To Elective Vs Directive eLearning – eLearning Industry

Wondering how to decide whether to keep your company’s mandatory content or move to an on-demand one? Check this guide to Elective Vs Directive eLearning.

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“Just in time”: When the learner wants knowledge on a specific subject at the moment of need. Similar to how people search google or an intranet.Directive
Compliance: Great for organizations to ensure that they have educated their employees on specific regulatory compliances. An elective training simply can’t guarantee participation.

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10 Awesome Educational Websites for Kids You Must Bookmark | Make Use Of

I bet learning was never as much fun or engaging when you were growing up as it is now at the height of the Internet era. If you’re a parent or a teacher looking for resources to help your kids take their academic and non-academic education a notch higher, you don’t have to look too far.…

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Corporate Digital Learning: How to Get It “Right”

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To avoid the nightmares of expensive, inflexible, complicated and incompatible systems, companies must ask themselves three key questions:

1. What are my company’s current capabilities in terms of digital learning?

2. How mature is the technical expertise required to integrate digital learning elements?

3. What should I expect from a service provider/LMS?

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Social Media FOR Schools: Developing Shareable Content for Schools

This post does not focus on any of these issues, but on the potential of using social media FOR schools. Telling the story of schools serves several purposes:

curation (find, filter, organize, connect and present) information for their stakeholdersadding value to a conversation, topic, theme, initiative with quality contentsharing of best practices in teaching and learningmaking quality content visible to and shareable with otherscreating connections and a network of schools to advance educationdocumenting institutional memory

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