Tasty Elearning Example – Sugar Crush Saga

Game players regularly exhibit persistence, risk-taking, attention to detail, and problem-solving, all behaviours that ideally would be regularly demonstrated in school.

– The Education Arcade at MIT

Recently I’ve been playing a super addictive game – Sugar Crush Saga in my leisure time. I would say it is by far one of most difficult games on Play/App Store. As you progress throughout the game, the margin between level up and lossing lives grows increasingly slim, eventually you would yourself start to running out lives. In this case, you can choose either buying lives from Play/App Store,  or simply requesting lives via Facebook friend. Most likely I would choose the second option, so the game re-shapes itself  with social gaming experience, friends would help each other out to save lives or unlock the challenges.

While I was playing this game, I started to wonder if we (as Learning Activists) could also create the entire learning experiences as enjoyable as playing Sugar Crush Saga. Adding a bit delicious elements to the eLearning course modules, or consider to design a bright and cheerful game-boards alike structure for the course hosting LMS. Small changes we could easily implement; throw in some vivid interactive graphics with our course intro/ and the course complete screens such as the wording of the achievement screens between levels are really sweet, in the very best way, with incentive graphics that are pefect suited to a game. In our case,  we may consider to use interactive simulations as engaging tool to enhance student’s learning experiences.

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The Sugar Crush puzzling song is absolutely infectious,  I’m unabashedly humming the main song to myself now :D.

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