The Learning Generalist: The Power of Pull – John Seely Brown

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miracletrain 夢想驛站‘s insight:

The Levels of Pull
We need to think about three ways of pulling learning:

Access: The ability to find, learn and connect with people, products and knowledge to address unanticipated needs that hit us in the face! I have a problem, I search, I find, I learn, I’m happy.Attract: This is where we need to find something that we don’t even know that we need to know. This is where Google fails and that’s why I don’t like it much for social learning in the enterprise, because it doesn’t support serendipitous learning. This is where we get out of our comfort zone and get to expose ourselves to weird but interesting ideas.Achieve: This is where we pull out of each of us and our institutions our full potential. We need to harnessing network effects where the more people that participate, the more the global returns.

"Accessing and attracting have little value unless they are coupled with a third set of practices that focus on driving performance rapidly to new levels. These practices involve participation in, and sometimes orchestration of, something we call “creation spaces”—environments that effectively integrate teams within a broader learning ecology so that performance improvement accelerates as more participants join." – John Seely Brown

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