Spruce Demo | WINNER Disrupt SF 2013 Hackathon

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Spruce is a dictation service for online reading, which tells people how long it takes to read content via its online platform. The purpose of the service is…

miracletrain 夢想驛站‘s insight:

After 264 presentations the epic TechCrunch Hackathon just concluded and one stood out as the winner. It is very challenging to select a winner as most of the products aim to solve different problems in varying verticals. With that said, the Spruce app created a great educational technology solution featuring Pearson APIs and the Evernote API.


The team was made up of veteran #highschoolhackers who did a great job executing on their vision to create a well designed and functioning app that makes it easier for students to improve reading comprehension and vocabulary. The app enables students to improve in these areas through integration of audio, definitions, context with sentences all from different Pearson APIs from Penguin Books and Longman Dictionary, images, and then saves words using the Evernote API so that students can reference them later.

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