6 challenges impeding technology adoption in higher education

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In our second look at the NMC Horizon Report: 2014 Higher Education Edition, we cover the six “significant challenges” it identifies as impeding the adoption of technology in higher education


1- Low digital fluency among faculty

2- Relative lack of rewards for teaching

3- Competition from new models of education (MOOCs)

4- Scaling teaching innovations

5- Expanding access

6- Keeping education relevant

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How To Implement Blended Learning | Edudemic

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Blended learning can be a great way to make use of whatever technology tools you do have, rather than needing specific technology that you don’t have. Blended learning doesn’t require you to have a 1:1 classroom, a certain number of iPads, or particular software, though you can put any and all of those things to use as you choose. Thus, blended learning covers a lot of ground – and in the process it helps to make learning more engaging, effective, and efficient.

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The Busy Teacher’s Quick Guide To Blended Learning | Edudemic

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Blended learning is a combination of some face-to-face teaching and some online teaching. It is a great way for teachers to bring online components into the forefront, rather than just using digital materials as supplemental (often at home) course materials.


Blended learning has a huge advantage – it doesn’t prescribe that particular activities must be online or in person. There isn’t a particular percentage of teaching and learning that has to happen in the classroom or not.


You can tailor it to your needs, and do some experimentation. It is so flexible, and can be something different for each teacher, each class, or each student. One class may lean heavily on the online component and another may not, depending on the availability and appropriateness of materials available

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