The Step-by-Step Guide to the Perfect Business Card

Creating an awesome business card can be hard. Here’s how to do it perfectly from start to finish.



Making Learning Meaningful: 6 Priorities For Whole Learning

“We recently discovered the Bay Area’s Prospect Sierra School’s interesting learning model that prioritizes 6 ideas for learning in the 21st century. There is, of course, no single “best” way to pursue “21st century learning”–nor any learning at all for that matter. But seeing the way other inspired educators pursue the idea can teach each one of us a lot. In this model, we appreciate the inclusion of self-knowledge, as well as moving past the idea of content to true disciplinary knowledge–seeing knowledge in context and application.”


【2014 udn talks聯合大講堂】嚴長壽:你就是改變的起點 – YouTube

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udn talks聯合大講堂官網: udn talks聯合大講堂fb: 主講人:公益平台文化基金會董事長 嚴長壽

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