Introducing the ASU Instructional Designers [Infographic]

About 40 staff members at Arizona State University have the words Instructional Design or Instructional Designer in their job title. Even though there are a lot of them about (and some have been at…


Possess interdisciplinary knowledge, cross-cultural competency, as well as commitment and passion for learning and technology.Have a background in education, a critical attitude, and clear learning objectives.Conduct thorough research, boast good analytical skills and the ability to synthesize information from various sources.Effectively communicate both visually and verbally, be a good listener and create measurable objectives, based on the audience’s needs. This requires the successful identification of the learners’ general characteristics.Create content with information that can be used and applied in the real world and especially within the audience’s professional field, always in cooperation with SMEs, professionals and team members.Select the right instructional media, and write effective copies, texts, audio and video scripts. This requires thorough media knowledge.Focus on the expected outcomes, based on the audience’s prior skills, experience, expectations and needs, and design a course based on the available technology, budget and time.Be an effectual project manager, able to develop the right instructional strategy and the appropriate structure, with pre-class activities, presentations, learners participation, practice problems, case studies, and evaluations.Be a successful, flexible and resourceful problem solver, able to tackle with any kind of setback and obstacle.Be able to create effective and fair assessment methods that foster the learners’ development by providing opportunities to demonstrate their mastery of the learning goals.

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