Lean Startup, Design Thinking & Open Innovation for the Enterprise

What’s the difference between lean startup, design thinking, and open innovation for corporations?

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Putting digital process innovation at the center of organizational change | McKinsey & Company

When a merger is announced, the IT organization has a unique opportunity to help the company reimagine its technology landscape and clarify its digitization strategy. A McKinsey & Company article.

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面對快速變化,企業如何因應?變革大師 約翰‧科特《超速變革》 – YouTube

★《strategy+business magazine》、《Inc.》選為年度最佳商管書、年度最佳領導著作 ★《彭博商業周刊》譽為全球十大管理大師 ★《金融時報》尊為商業界最受歡迎的變革大師 眾所期待的創新營運策略 變革大師 約翰‧科特最新力作! 七成以上的公司在進行大規模的一次性變革時都失敗, 一開始成功達成…

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sounds familiar?

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Generation Y by Steffi Burkhart and Orsolya Nemes

All you wanted to know about 20-somethings. A sneak peek into the #Millennial mind – a #GenY perspective #ebook. Get your free copy in English, German or Hung…

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Generation Y and Generation Z are said to bring on the end of humanity with their smartphones and use of social media. Oh, and don’t get us started on Alphas growing up with tablets and being online from the moment their navel string is cut.

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