State of the Nation 2015 – Ian Narev – YouTube

Commonwealth Bank Managing Director and Chief Executive, Ian Narev gives a keynote address at the State of the Nation 2015 conference. “Technology is opening…

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“In the same way as we think about the foundational skills…we need to understand that even today, in our workforce…you are needing to work with technology…to serve your customers better and to be more productive, so a base level of technology for every kid no matter what job they’re going to go into, in what company, is going to be critical.

“Beyond that, we are going to need to grow a cadre of coders, technology thinkers who are able to perform the true technology advantage functions in Commonwealth Bank, in other banks, in other companies, in other small businesses.

“In other words… (we need to) make sure that the educational system can help build the skills…of really outstanding software engineers, coders, who are going to create the competitive advantage of the future.

“We also need to understand the impact of technology on teaching methods themselves…good schools are thinking about modern learning environments where they can harness technology to improve learning, even of the ‘old’ skills.

“Finally, we’re still going to need good skills in apprenticeships. We talk a lot about the need for coders, we talk a lot about the need for software engineers but if we go back to that prescription I previously talked about that people want to live here, invest here, visit here and have their children educated here, services are still critically important…we must not ignore those either".


Mr Narev also said that as a corporate with a stake in Australia’s economic prosperity who wants to see schools strengthened and skills built, the areas where Commonwealth Bank can contribute and add value is through investments and initiatives which share their understanding of financial literacy and how to build financial literacy in school children as well as how to make technology work at scale.

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